Friday, 30 October 2009

Folksy Friday: Geek Chic

I'm a self confessed geek. In my day job I do experiments and play with numbers, and outside of that I spend way too much time on t'interweb (and referencing geek cartoons and urban dictionaries as I go). Having recently relocated, I realised how many ways in which I use the internet, and was incredibly grateful for mobile broadband seeing me through until I got a proper connection.

Inspired by all this, this week's Folksy Friday is on the theme of Geek Chic. First up, because I'm a practical girl at heart, I was very drawn to this item which has not one but two (albeit rather different) functions - a USB stick shaped like an old skool clothes peg:

Next, a homage to everyone's favourite feminised yellow major circular sector:

Carrying on the gaming theme, who could possibly resist a bag o' Lemmings?

If you're after a personalised gift for the geek-boy in your life, these might do the trick:

Another aesthetically pleasing yet practical item:

Finally, although I share Charlie Brooker's attitude to Macs and their disciples, I have to admit that style-wise, Apple are consistently streets ahead:

Logging off...


  1. Thanks for featuring my clothes peg in your blog. What an interesting range of Geeky chic you found!

    Tree Gems

  2. Great blog post and thank you so much for linking me to such a wonderful and hilarious comic at xkcd. It's just great so thanks! Have you seen Marc Johns work? He's a friggin genius too y'know. =)

    Keep up the good work!

  3. This is another of my favourites from xkcd:
    It always springs to mind when I'm participating in lively fora!