Friday, 30 October 2009

Folksy Friday: Geek Chic

I'm a self confessed geek. In my day job I do experiments and play with numbers, and outside of that I spend way too much time on t'interweb (and referencing geek cartoons and urban dictionaries as I go). Having recently relocated, I realised how many ways in which I use the internet, and was incredibly grateful for mobile broadband seeing me through until I got a proper connection.

Inspired by all this, this week's Folksy Friday is on the theme of Geek Chic. First up, because I'm a practical girl at heart, I was very drawn to this item which has not one but two (albeit rather different) functions - a USB stick shaped like an old skool clothes peg:

Next, a homage to everyone's favourite feminised yellow major circular sector:

Carrying on the gaming theme, who could possibly resist a bag o' Lemmings?

If you're after a personalised gift for the geek-boy in your life, these might do the trick:

Another aesthetically pleasing yet practical item:

Finally, although I share Charlie Brooker's attitude to Macs and their disciples, I have to admit that style-wise, Apple are consistently streets ahead:

Logging off...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

"Just because you can...

...doesn't mean you should."

The above is one of my personal mottos which can be applied to myriad situations in which people (myself included) can get muddled between what is possible and what is wise.

One craft blog that seems to share a similar philosophy is What not to crochet. Essentially, a showcase for things people have misguidedly decided to create with a ball of wool and a crochet hook. It frequently makes me laugh out loud and ponder the sanity of some of the designers.

Maybe I'm being harsh. I find the crocheted balloon dog quite fascinating. And maybe the world really does need hemp bikinis, octopus hats, woolly camera lens 'protectors' and items both decorating the outside and celebrating the inside of... rats.

I'm clearly in the wrong game

Friday, 23 October 2009

Folksy Fridays: Dinner Time

It's becoming a bit of a Friday tradition for Folksy sellers to use their blogs to highlight the lovely items in other people's shops, and that sounds like a nice thing to do, so here I am. I'm feeling a little peckish, so today's selection has a dinner time theme.

Best to start off suitably attired:

You'll need something to eat off (making sure you don't get the ribbon in your gravy!)

Something to drink from:

Don't forget to lay the table:

Coasters too:

Oh, and don't forget the cutlery!

Bon appetite!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

New listing: hot pink beret

My latest creation is definitely the most vibrant thing I've made so far:

This is a one-off as I only had one ball of the wool! The button decoration was hand made by another Folksy seller, the lovely Chumley, whose shop is a wonderful emporium of all things button-y.

It was the first time I'd made anything with Rowan Scottish Tweed wool. On the plus side the intensity of colour is great, and the wool has an interesting texture which produces a nice structure in the finished hat. On the other hand it was a different gauge to the kind of yarns I prefer working with, and I did have a couple of sticky moments when stitching it together as the yarn broke when I pulled it tight! I got there eventually though, and I'm happy with the finished hat.


Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I've been knitting for a few years now, mostly for my own amusement and to make gifts for friends. It never really occurred to me that anyone else would be interested in what I make, but a friend inspired me to have a go at setting up shop, and so I found my home at Folksy. It's a great site where you can find handmade items from a wonderful diversely talented bunch of folk. I have my own shop there which you can find here:


Do take a look, and also check out the site in general - some wonderful potential for unique gifts.

I'll be using this blog to update as to how my own creative endeavours are progressing, as well as to highlight the great things being made by other Folksy-ers.

Hope to see you again soon!