Monday, 9 November 2009

New listing - plum crumble beret

So, as per my poll, my latest creation is a purple beret:

I do like working with Rowan Pure Wool, and this was such a gorgeous colour. It put me in mind of a bowl of luscious autumnal fruits, hence the name. I think the pink ribbon sets it off nicely.

This time I've made it in a small size, rather than the usual 'one size fits all'. My normal berets would fit the majority of people, but having a smallish head myself I do appreciate that sometimes it's nicer to have something that fits a little more snugly. I would of course be delighted to knit another in a medium size - if that interests you then just drop me a line here or via Folksy. But do allow me a couple of week's knitting time!

In other news, please check out my poll on the right. The morning frosts are definitely here, so it's time to dig out the layers!

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